Boulder & Longmont Carpet & Tile: Ceramic Tile

There are few products that have the versatility of ceramic tile. With so many variations in color, pattern, and texture, ceramic tile can add beauty and functionality to every room in the house. There are many reasons to choose tile over other flooring materials. Tile is more resistant to chemicals and spills than most other materials. Tile is easier to keep clean and resists stains better than most other products. Tile does not fade and, most importantly, few products can match the durability of ceramic tile.

The diversity of ceramic tile is immense. Looks can range from an antique terra cotta found in an old French country chateau to a highly polished contemporary porcelain. How about a rustic slate design for a log cabin or bright pastels right out of an art deco South Beach hotel? Whatever your house looks like, you can bet that you can find a tile that suits your decor perfectly.

Selecting your tile

The uses for ceramic tile seem endless -indoor and outdoor floors, kitchen and bathroom countertops and backsplashes, shower walls/floors, tub surrounds, summer kitchens, fireplaces...Have fun with your selections, be creative (or let us if needed), but make sure you choose what is right for you aesthetically and technically. What is your style? You can choose anything from a handmade tile to mimic a timeless Italian village look to a sleek, modern tile that you can update as the tile fashions change. What type of furnishings do you have? What color are the walls? Use color samples, pillows from sofas, cabinet doors, anything that will be coordinating with your tile to help you in your selection process. It will make things go much smoother for you and your design consultant. Is resale value of the home important? If so, try to keep things as neutral as possible. Not everyone has your taste (although it's probably fantastic!). As important as style is, remember to select tile that is durable enough ( see info about PEI ratings) and has the right texture for your area - whether it's a glossy, rectified tile for your formal dining room or a "gritty" feeling slip-resistant through-body porcelain for your front walkway. If you have kids and/or pets or you simply don't clean the floors that often, you may want to consider a tile that will disguise the dirt.

Designing with your tile

If doing something decorative, you will want to look at listellos (decorative borders), decos (decorative tiles), and different sizes and colors of complementary tiles. Many people do not realize how much art can be created with tile, especially with all of the other types of tile available today. Did you know that you could get glass and metal tiles? And the great thing is that you can mix all of these materials and come up with a gorgeous look! Are you interested in an area rug? One can be created with a tile design. Listellos and decos can be found in just about any design imaginable to create a bathroom or kitchen that fits your exact style. Do you need to retile one area and can't find the matching tile? A tile border is an easy solution to separate rooms and different materials. Just show us what you have and we will find what you need to keep the flow in your home. These borders also work when you have an open floor plan and would like to have the same tile throughout, but need to separate some areas - whether it's putting in a decorative border or just a cut piece of tile.

Ordering your tile

When buying tile, there is some information that you, the buyer needs to know and some details that must be known by the person ordering your material and by the installer. The person ordering and the installer both need to know how many square feet you have to cover. Generally, the installer or an estimator will measure for you. Let your sales person and installer know when you want smaller grout joints from the standard 1/4 inch space for the floor or 1/8 inch for the walls, . Some installations will require this, but are more difficult to do, therefore increasing your price. What direction do you want your tile to be laid? Diagonal or Straight? Or, did you buy tiles of different sizes for a modular pattern? Most people order a quantity of 10-15% more than the actual square footage measured. Some of this quantity is for future repairs, but a lot of it is for cuts/waste. The direction that the tile is laid can alter the amount of waste. Diagonal will usually require more cuts and therefore more waste. Make sure to purchase all of your tile at the same time - tiles not ordered at the same time may not be an identical match to the original order. And lastly, make sure that you inspect your tiles before installation! A few broken tiles is to be expected, but look for an excessive amount of broken tiles or for any flaws in the material and let your salesperson know immediately.

Enjoy your beautiful new look!